Physical Description




53 Ibs





Alignment and Character Traits




  • Avian Agent of United Federations

  • Calypso the Cat
  • Team Federations
  • Cyro the Shark
  • Flying
  • Heights
  • Learning new information
  • Mountains/Snow
  • Shopping
  • Water
  • Lightning

Skills, Abilities, and Powers
  • Can fly
  • Has the power of environmental adaption in all aerial environments
  • Combat skills
  • Can see in the dark
  • Motor skills

Ability Type


  • environmental adaption in all aerial environments

Arcadia the Vulture ( ハゲタカのアルカディア ) is a fan made character made by Eternityspark from DA

Background StoryEdit




Arcadia has the power of environmental adaption in all aerial environments, which means that she can survive and adapt to any sky based environment. Her body is naturally made for all types of aviation exploration, so she can fly through any environment. This is very good news for Calypso and Cyro because she is their main mode of transportation when they are in a team.


  • Can swim fast and can breath underwater
  • Cyro has excellent eyes so he can see in extreme darkness

Fighting Style Edit

  • Arcadia's main job in a fight with Team Federations is to use her flying abilities to disarm her foes. She can use various wing attacks where she sends a gust of wind that knocks over her enemies and stuns them for a bit. Arcadia can also lift Calypso up in the air and drop her as a surprise attack, since Calypso can fall from extremely high distances. 


*Arcadia is extremely wise in the way of the world, which is surprising for someone who is so young. She is also extremely curious, and loves to gather information about various topics. Arcadia can also be very hot-headed at times, which can lead to fights that she might not always win. Arcadia is very prideful about herself and her accomplishments, so she is known to brag quite often.

*Arcadia trusts just about everyone, no matter the circumstances. She does know how to protect herself, and Arcadia is very knowledgeable in the ways of fighting. She likes to pick up random objects found in the environment surrounding her, and use them as a weapon since she does not carry one of her own. 

Weaknesses and DislikesEdit

  • If Arcadia gets her feathers wet, she will not be able to use them for a long period of time
  • When on the ground, her winds might prove to be quite a challenge to move around with


  • Her head is covered in close-lying white feathers
  • Dark grey beak and
  • Green irises with slitted black pupils and glassy white sclera. One thick eyelash on each eyelid.
  • Athletic body that is covered with brown feathers
  • 2 wings that fold behind her back when not in use
  • Large wing covered tail that is used to change her direction

Interactions with OthersEdit

Memorable QuotesEdit


Other InformationEdit

  • Can fall from a high distance and not get seriously hurt
  • She prefers the snow and cold weather
  • She has very sharp talons that can be used as a weapon
  • She does not have a weapon, but she mostly picks up random objects and throws them at the opponent
  • Another form of attack that she uses is to nosedive into the enemy, but it can hurt her more than them

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