Physical Description



65 Ibs





Alignment and Character Traits

Lawfully neutral



  • Aquatic Agent of United Federations
  • Former member of the Meropis City Guard
  • Calypso the Cat
  • Team Federations
  • His sword
  • Water
  • Weapons
  • Rain
  • His powers
  • Lightning
  • Fire
  • Chaos
  • Thunder
  • Vehicles

Skills, Abilities, and Powers
  • Can breath underwater
  • Is very fast in water
  • Excellent swordsman
  • Can see in the dark
  • Weapon combat skills

Ability Type


  • water based-weather manipulation

Cyro the Shark ( サメのシロ ) is a fan made character made by Eternityspark from DA

Background StoryEdit

Cyro was raised in Meropis, in a relatively middle class part of the city. When he turned of age, his parents forced him to join the city guard. His drill intructors found out about his weather based abilities, so Cyro was placed among some of the leading fighters. XXXXXX



He has the power of water based-weather manipulation. This includes sea storms, rain, snow, fog, or any other storm that is created using mostly water. This includes the ability to control the intensity of the weather in highly concentrated (in a room) or vastly extended (on a continent) areas.


  • Can swim fast and can breath underwater
  • Cyro has excellent eyes so he can see in extreme darkness

Fighting Style Edit

  • Cyro is very skilled in sword-related combat, but he is also known for throwing in a couple punches along with it. He is extremely fast in water, but on land he does not have this advantage. Due to this, Cyro usually always battles in enemies in the water where he has a strategic advantage. When he is in a fight along with Calypso, Cyro relies on her for the strength, while he runs around and tires the enemies out.


  • Cyro is an master swordsman and a experienced manipulator of emotions. This is because he can be very convincing to those who he wants to trick. Cyro can be ruthless when its needed, and is known to be exceedingly flirtatious when its not. Despite this, he is fiercely protective of his friends, which is a very select few, and angers when they are put into danger. Cyro is very affectionate and caring, but this is usually reserved for those who he trusts

Weaknesses and DislikesEdit

  • Cannot stay out of water for an extended period of time.
  • He relies mostly on his brute strength and less on his defense.
  • He has terrible motor skills
  • Cyro cannot run very fast, but swims at extreme speeds
  • Somewhat awkward on land, much more comfortable in water
  • His powers are unstable and can be influenced by his emotions/well-being without him realizing it


  • He is covered with soft yet durable skin
  • Purplish-pink irises with slitted black pupils and glassy white sclera.
  • A muscular yet lean body that allows smooth movement in water
  • Sharp incisors line the front of his mouth, and grow smaller farther back
  • Black stripes marking his fins, spines, and tail
  • Long and powerful tail that is marked with black stripes at the end of the tips
  • An arching fin and 2 spines distal to the anterior part of the body; 3 other spines/fins protrude from the posterior part of his head. The middle spine is somewhat longer than the 2 surrounding it. There are 2 curved spines coming out from the lateral sides of his head also.

Interactions with OthersEdit

Memorable QuotesEdit


Other InformationEdit

  • His main weapon is his sword "Valiant"
  • Cyro can use his tail as a weapon (heh)
  • uuhh i usually just come up with this stuff randomly soooo

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