"The lost clan of Sekhmet." 


Physical Descriptions

Average Height

3'3 to 3'6

Average Weight

45 to 60 Ibs

Most Common eye shape

Slanted or Pointed

Most common skin color


Most common eye color


Skills, Abilities, and Powers
Common Skills
  • Distance jumpers
  • Excellent Climbers
  • Stealthy
  • Combat skills
  • Extreme acrobatic skills and reflexes
  • Good Hearing
Average ability type


Customs and RitualsEdit

The clan is very focussed on honoring their gods (Solaris; Iblis/Mephiles; Chaos; etc) by performing various rituals. These said rituals are extremely violent because they mostly require a sacrafice. High order priests carry out the rituals, but anyone can take a part in them. The empress must be present at all of the rituals, or else very bad things will come upon the clan. Everyone is highly superstitious, mostly because they learned early that they must fear their Gods. The High order priests claim to be able to speak with the Gods through visions (or even face-to-face confrontations) and can order anyone from the clan to do their bidding in the name of the Gods. 

~When going into war, the Sekhmet Clan is known to wear body paint in order to stay undetected. 

~Each member of the heiarchy is given a traditional heart-guard (necklace) that corresponds to the God that favors them the most (priests are in charge of this)

Hierarchy Edit

The Sekhmet Felidae clan is separated into five groups, each of them containing social standards and laws. 


The empress of the clan has authority over everyone except the high order priests. She leads battles and watches over the other four classes. She should be obeyed without question, but the empress also has social and political restrictions. The empress must be a female, no males are allowed in this position of power. The empress deals with all foreign affairs presented to the tribe, and can send representatives to deal with the matter. 

High Order PriestsEdit

High order priests lead many of the clans rituals and spiritual holidays. They are highly respected and are known to posses some power over the empress. They can order all of the classes below them, but the empress does not posses any authority over them. They offer religious advice in important decisions, and are even known to predict the future.

Leading DominantsEdit

The leading dominants contain 4 members. Each of the four members has a job to watch over either the military training program, resource collection, spy watch, or foreign rivals. The leading dominants must take orders from the empress, but they have the authority to lead all the classes below them. The leading dominants are appointed into a category depending on their special skills. A top spy commander would be leading the spy watch, while a highly trained weapon specialist would lead the military training program.

Elite DefendersEdit

The elite defenders are where most of the Sekhmet Felidae Clan are classified into. These are the four groups that are lead by the leading dominants. Each section of the elite defenders contains highly trained warriors that are specialized in their field. Elite defenders can become leading dominants once they have reached a level surpassing their current leading dominant.


Scouts are the lowest level of the Sekhmet Felidae clan hierarchy. They possess minimal power and do not have the authority give orders. They are ruled by select members of the elite defenders, and sometimes even leading dominants. They are put into this group because of a lack of physical prowess or military excellence. If they want to move up in the social hierarchy, they must prove themselves to be equal to those of the elite defenders.


The Sekhmet Felidae Clan worships the sun God Solaris and the water God Chaos. This also includes Mephiles and Iblis, but they do not possess much knowledge over the two demigods. Their tribe is known to possess many illustrations and carvings of the sun God Solaris, Iblis, and Mephiles. The High Order Priests create rituals and sacrafices to bring harmony and militarian success to the tribe. asdl;fas;dkjf




Those born within the ranks of the Sekhmet Felidae clan usually are physically classified as thin and tall. They usually have blue or yellow eyes, yet green and brown eyes are seen too. Their fur color ranges to both extremes, but the most common coat color is a dark blueish black. 

Interactions with OthersEdit

Notable FactsEdit

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